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Track Record

The best predictor of how someone will perform in office is how effective they have been outside of office. Alex has the most substantial set of results and is the only candidate in this race that lists his track record on his website. Alex’s work fighting (and winning) for the community includes:

Streamlining Government Relief to Help Keep Utilities on

As Covid has ravaged communities, the federal government and many states have implemented relief programs to help citizens with rent and utility bills. However, these programs have often been means tested so stringently and with such onerous documentation requirements that they struggle to distribute aid. Alex streamlined the relief systems in four states, helping 50,000 families keep their homes warm and their water running.

Cracking Down on Opioid Pill Mills

New York State had the fourth highest opioid deaths of any state last year, and the problem is growing. Alex worked with the federal government to integrate Medicare, Medicaid, and other government sources to find pill mill doctors that were fueling the epidemic and profiting off of people’s addictions. His work supporting the government on this and other projects led to a patent.

Securing Elections from Foreign Attack

After the devastating effects of foreign interference in our 2016 elections, political campaigns realized they were targets of cyber attacks. Alex founded Foresight Partners, a nonprofit that became the largest provider of live, personalized cybersecurity training for campaigns in the U.S.

Increasing Mass Transit Visibility

Google Maps had integrated every form of NYC mass transit except one, and it was in this district! After four years of building the system and working through approvals, Alex got the Roosevelt Island Tram schedule to appear on Google (and other!) maps.

Passing Common Sense Rent Regulation

In an upstate college town, landlords frequently pressured students to immediately sign leases for the following year, leaving them little recourse if their study plans, financial situation, or preferred roommates changed. Landlords also suffered, because the early market led to more canceled leases. Alex drafted the bill with students, landlords, and common council members that created a waiting period to relieve pressure on tenants and benefited all parties.

Reforming Government Procurement

Concerned that government apparel purchases were contributing to inhumane working conditions abroad, Alex drafted and advocated for the bill that ensured local government could verify that uniform manufacturers followed minimum labor standards.

Protecting Workers from Illegal Labor Practices

An international apparel brand’s subcontractors laid off 1,800 workers without paying legally mandated severance pay. Alex organized a campaign with the workers and US activists that led to the company paying the workers and setting up healthcare and job training programs.

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