Housing is prohibitively expensive for many New Yorkers. Everyone has a basic right to housing, but thousands of our neighbors are either living on the street or at risk of eviction. The State legislature must work to increase housing options and ensure that increasing the quality of life for New Yorkers stands at the center of our housing policy.

  • Encourage new housing near suburban transit hubs to reduce pressure on NYC home prices (and traffic!)

  • Legalize and fund safety upgrades for accessory dwelling units (like basements or garages) to increase the housing supply

  • Create rental assistance vouchers for low-income New Yorkers and those experiencing homelessness

  • Ensure tenants are protected from arbitrary evictions

  • Increase budget for the Housing Our Neighbors with Dignity Act (HONDA), which funds the purchase and retrofitting of distressed commercial properties to create housing


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Judge's Table
Public Safety & Justice

Alex is the grandson of an NYPD officer. He believes everyone deserves to be safe. That requires fully funding public safety, including traditional public safety resources along with investments in mental health services, social work, after school programs, and broader anti-poverty initiatives. We need to invest in tactics that are effective and deemphasize those that don’t work.


  • Audit MTA security cameras to ensure they are working (help us do that)

  • Break the iron pipeline of guns coming into New York from other states

  • Support the enforcement of “ghost gun” legislation passed last year to crack down on untraceable guns

  • Modernize court systems so that prosecutors, judges, and public defenders can better assess individual cases

  • Increase funding for courts, prosecutors, and public defenders to ensure every New Yorker gets their right to a speedy trial

  • Fund mental health services, homelessness outreach, social work, and other alternative interventions where appropriate

  • Pass the Elder Parole Act, guaranteeing that incarcerated elderly people are granted parole hearings to determine if they are no longer a risk to society. For every person released, the state would save between $100,000 and $240,000 per year that could be used for measures that keep us safe

Sustainable Energy
Environment & Utility Bills

The effects of climate change are already reaching our shores. New York needs to adopt immediate steps to fortify our climate resilience to prevent displacement. We must also protect our natural and green spaces, ensuring a beautiful and biodiverse New York for the next generation. And if we do this right, investing in renewable energy should lower utility bills.


  • Allow ConEdison and other regulated utilities to produce renewable energy in New York (they are currently banned by regulation)

  • Fund weatherization and retrofitting of buildings to create jobs and save energy

  • Invest in the New York Power Authority — New York’s state-owned utility — to increase it’s renewable energy percentage from 70% to 100% and expand capacity

  • Pass the Fossil Fuel Subsidy Elimination Act to eliminate over $330 million in exemptions currently going to the fossil fuel industry

  • Cap increases in electricity rates for any power generated from fossil fuels

  • Expand the New York State Clean Heat rebate to reduce emissions from HVAC

  • Pass the Environmental Bond Act (on the ballot in November) to bring over $4 billion in resources to our environmental efforts

  • Invest in the MTA, the lifeblood of NYC and one of our best secret weapons against climate change. Install modern signals (CBTC) to increase service along the 4/5/6 lines.

Effective Government & Technology

We can’t solve 21st century problems with 20th (or 19th) century technology. As an engineer with a master’s degree in computer science and proven track-record of solving government problems, I’ll work to fix our technological infrastructure to make government work better for all New Yorkers.


  • Have New York State do New Yorkers' taxes (read my op-ed)

  • Create a one-stop-shop for all NYS benefits — New Yorkers should only have to go to one place to get what they need from the government

  • Expand internet access: 40% of New York City residents are currently missing broadband at home, mobile data, or both

  • Pass a consumer privacy law like California’s CCPA to protect New Yorkers

  • Make OMNY support reduced-fare MetroCard discounts

  • Ensure the state government gets a good deal when buying software by testing existing, cheaper software before paying exorbitant fees to develop custom technology

  • Invest in cybersecurity: Require state agencies and contractors to use DMARC, phishing campaign assessments, regular software updates, and two factor authentication

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Alex in 1996

Kids in Preschool
Education & Child Care

As we enter a period of economic and social recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, our children and families must be at the forefront of our policy. Many kids are experiencing the devastating effects of isolation from their peers and educational disruption. Our working parents are also balancing the needs of their families as they navigate transitioning from at-home work back into office. As the only candidate who went to the neighborhood’s public schools K-12, I will work to ensure the needs of our kids and families are prioritized in our legislative work. 


  • Ensure that NYS meets its commitments to students and funds the additional $3 billion it owes to NYC public schools within the next two years

  • Invest in updated ventilations systems to keep our students and teachers safe and healthy

  • Establish funds for under 3 child care statewide

  • Make CUNY tuition-free

Economic Recovery & Small Businesses

New York City is lagging behind the country’s overall economic recovery, with an unemployment rate double the national average. Vacant storefronts seem to be growing instead of shrinking. We need Albany to be focused on how to grow back our economy stronger than before.


  • Increase funding for the Small Business Recovery Grant Program to keep mom-and-pop stores open

  • Reform “minimum rent” clauses in commercial mortgages that effectively ban owners from lowering rent during downturns

  • End the exclusion of minority and women-owned start-ups from small business contracting; minority and women-led start-ups receive less than 3% each of venture capital funds.

Open Store Sign
Pandemic Preparedness

Covid-19 has brought tragedy to the US on a scale unimaginable to most: 1 million lives lost. Conservative estimates of the economic impact put it at $16 trillion dollars. Congress is not taking the steps necessary to ensure we keep people safe from this pandemic and prevent the next one. But New Yorkers lived through the worst of the pandemic and we will lead in preventing and preparing for any future ones.


  • Begin a pandemic preparedness whole-of-government initiative, modeled after NYSTEM, the program New York State created in 2007 to step in when the federal government canceled stem cell research

  • Directly fund research into the most promising technologies for fighting pandemics, including metagenomic sequencing, multiplex assays, mRNA vaccine development, pan-coronavirus & pan-influenza vaccines, and better therapeutics. New York State’s government already directly funds $277 million in R&D, which is more than any other state and 42% of the state-led research in the entire country.

  • Invest in retrofitting and upgrading building ventilation in schools, hospitals, airports, and public transit hubs, reducing indoor spread and creating good local jobs

  • Invite providers in the tri-state area to join SHIN-NY (the secure statewide health data network that 100% of NY hospitals use to provide patient care) protecting NYC residents that get care across the river and building a larger regional network to help spot health trends quicker

  • Invest in our world-leading labs and require that all NY gene synthesis providers screen their customers to International Gene Synthesis Consortium standards, preventing labs from shipping dangerous gene sequences to nefarious actors

  • Ensure the NY State government and hospitals are well stocked with PPE to protect our essential workers

  • Deploy early detection systems in ports of entry and wastewater to be able to react to new pathogens or variants sooner